Insightful and actionable customer insights

Quick, fast, and easy.

What do we do?

Consumer Research

We use your own data with added digital surveys to get true customer insights.

Segmentation Models

We develop consumer segments that are unique to your brand and category.

Media & Comms Strategy

We deliver key insights that drive each segment, along with the key media and comms insights to drive your strategy.

Do you really know what makes your current and potential customers tick?

Too often, in marketing, we put consumers in to pigeon holes based on unhelpful demographics like generations, income, gender or geography.

How do we do it?

Your data

You may already be sitting on a rich set of customer data.  You might have an e-commerce site which will have captured a great deal of behavioural data, a more advanced CRM system, or mere spreadsheets and lists.  Whatever it is, we can connect and use it to uncover true customer insights.

Recruit new respondents
If you’re researching a new category or you’re interested in opinions of consumers who aren’t already your customers, you’ll want to research a new, untouched group of people.  For each client, specifically, we recruit respondents to suit your brand and your category.
Digital surveys
A great deal of knowledge goes in to the designing and coding of a consumer survey.  It’s not just a matter of asking random questions.  We compile a carefully considered survey – unique to your brand and category – covering demographics, psychographics, behaviour, and consumer value.
Machine Learning
Machine Learning is a branch of artificial intelligence and it’s been around for a while.  Our custom-designed platform is able to draw segmentations and insights, instantaneously, at the touch of a button which means, as your consumer response grows, the model learns and improves.
A unique segmentation model
We have learnt time and time again that it’s what consumers believe and do that affect their relationship with brands more than any demographic classification.  We develop a unique (bespoke) insightful segmentation that is right for your brand and your category.
Consumer Insights per segment
With your data and our survey data, combined with what we know about how the consumers are grouped by the segmentation model, we can produce key brand, category, belief, and behavioural insights within each segment and compare them to the overall.
Media and Comms Strategy Insights
We never forget that, ultimately, a marketer’s content strategy and media strategy must be firmly rooted in strategic insights, so our delivery includes key comms planning insights for each segment: key insights to inform messaging, media use (traditional and digital), and attitudes toward different media.

We are obsessed with consumer insights. You actually can’t shut us up.

The latest thinking in digital, social and traditional media, consumer research and insight.

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