Do you really know what makes your current and potential customers tick?  Too often, in marketing, we put consumers in to pigeon holes based on unhelpful things like age (generations), income, gender or where they live.  Through our platform which delivers Consumer Segmentation through Machine Learning, let us dig so much deeper and uncover amazing motivations-based insights that unlock lasting growth for your business.

Consumer Segmentation via Machine Learning

Whether you are a local retailer, a medium B2B enterprise or a national brand, you have regular contact with your customers. Maybe you have done a survey, you’ve probably done marketing in some form or another.  But how often do you know you’re asking the right questions in the right way to get the insights you need to understand who your customers are, what messaging to convey to them and how to engage with them?  With our integrated platform we fast-track you through the process of gaining the information you need and provide you with the insights that will make you grow.

Unique Segments for each brand and category

With a much deeper understanding of buyers’ motivations, we group your customers in to segments unique to your brand and category – segments bursting with insights that you’ll absolutely love.

Here, we look in to where your brand sits, in relation to other brands you consider your competitors. We also uncover other brands that you may have thought operate in your customers’ worlds. It becomes an ‘aha’ moment to discover, overall and within each bespoke customer segment, where your opportunities really are.

With the insights we can from your custom research in to your brand and your category, combined with forward-thinking media knowledge, we deliver an objective, wholly-encompassing media strategy ready for implementation.

The bespoke segments that you’ll love will uncover superb insights for creating bespoke content. This helps you not only to target the right segments in the right places, but engage with each segment in the unique manner that will make them love you even more.


Passionate Media Comms Planner with 18 years’ media and marketing experience, having occupied client-side media roles in the United Kingdom (Diageo), Ireland (Diageo) and South Africa (Diageo and First National Bank), and agency-side media strategy roles at MediaCom, OMD, and MEC.